Click each step to follow the guide. You can also click the image or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • 1. After youʼve logged in (read the How do I sign in? topic) and selected Analyse your bills and run reports, youʼll see the Account management page.
  • 2. Click REPORTING.
    You can also create an alert directly from the homepage, via the Allowances section.
  • 3. Click Alerts.
  • 4. Click Create new Alert.
  • 5. Enter a name for your new alert, E.g., data45.
  • 6. Choose a Usage Type for your alert, E.g., Unbilled.
  • 7. Choose an Alert Type for your alert, E.g., (GB) When a subscriber uses a defined amount of data.
  • 8. Click Step 2 Add Filter.
  • 9. Choose a Data Type you would like to filter for, e.g., All Data.
  • 10. Enter the Amount (GB) to trigger the Alert, e.g., 5.
  • 11. Click Step 3 Deliver to.
  • 12. To add a recipient to the alert, click Add recipient.
  • 13. Enter the email address of the desired recipient.
  • 14. Click Add Now.
  • 15. Click Finish, or to add another recipient, click Add recipient.
  • 16. Your alert has been created.
  • 17. View all of your alerts in the Alert List section.
  • 18. To edit or delete an alert, click the Actions icon next to the desired alert.