Click each step to follow the guide. You can also click the image or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • 1.

    After logging in (read the How do I sign in? topic) and selecting Bill Analyser. Choose the level of account desired from the accounts hierarchy list.

  • 2. Click the desired mobile number/ account.
  • 3. Click View Invoices.
  • 4. Select the desired date range.
  • 5. Click the Download icon.
  • 6. Click the desired option, Itemised Call — CSV.
  • 7. Click Email Options.
  • 8.

    If you would like a non zipped version of your invoice uncheck the Zipped checkbox.

  • 9. To add recipients, click Add recipient.
  • 10. In the Email recipients field, enter the email address of the recipient and click Add Now. You can repeat this step to add more recipients.
  • 11. Click Confirm. The invoice will be emailed to the recipients.