Click each step to follow the guide. You can also click the image or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • 1. After logging in (read the How do I sign in? topic) and selecting Bill Analyser, youʼll see the Account management page. Click ADMINISTRATION.
  • 2. Click SMS Messenger.
  • 3. Choose SMS recipients. Either using the account hierarchy drop down lists, or the search function. (For this example we will use Search Accounts). Click Search Accounts.
  • 4. Enter the search details for the associated account.
    You can search using any of the following fields: Group Name, Corporate Name, Account Name, Account Number, Phone Number, Username, Cost Centre, Customer Reference or SIM number.
  • 5. Click the Search icon.
  • 6. Tick the checkbox next to the desired recipients details.
  • 7. Enter your SMS message.
  • 8. Click Send message.
    You can select either individual numbers or Groups of accounts by choosing the corresponding checkbox.
  • 9. To send the message, click Send.
    You can text up to 50 numbers at a time, for free. The message is displayed as coming from My O2 Business.