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  • As an administrator you can create other users or administrators (for the Bill analyser) and My Account (to view and manage your account).

    Note: This is only available on a desktop and laptop computer? It can’t be managed on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • 1. After youʼve logged in (read the How do I sign in? topic) and selected Analyse your bills and run reports, youʼll see the Account management page. Click Administration.
  • 2. Click the Create a New User button.
  • 3. Fill out the required details for the new user, including assigning a user role, this will determine what access they have to different parts of the site.
  • 4. Click Next.
  • 5. Click Assign reporting level.
  • 6. Select the new user.
  • 7. Click Assign role.
  • 8. Confirm the user role from the drop down menu and click Assign reporting level.
  • 9. Click Submit to confirm the details of your new user.
  • 10. That's it! The new user has been created.