Click each step to follow the guide. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • Note: This is only available on a desktop and laptop computer? It can’t be managed on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • 1. After youʼve logged in (read the "How do I sign in?" topic) and selected Analyse your bills and run reports, youʼll see the Account management page. Click Reports.
  • 2. Click Reporting Structures.
  • 3. To create a new reporting structure, click Define New Structure.
    You can add as many new structures as you like.
  • 4. Give your new reporting structure a name and click Continue.
  • 5. To add a sub-folder below your new structure, select your new structure folder e.g. High spend.
    You can add as many folders into your new structure as you like.
  • 6. Click Insert Folder.
  • 7. Name your new folder.
  • 8. You can have 8 levels with multiple folders and numbers below each other, to create another sub-folder inside the last, click the folder you want to insert the new one into. E.g. By Cost Centre.
  • 9. Click Insert Folder.
  • 10. Name the new folder.
  • 11. Now we have a folder structure we can allocate your numbers e.g. mobile / broadband / landline. In this example we will allocate numbers to the Users folder inside the Cost Centre of York. Click on your chosen folder e.g. York and click Allocate.
  • 12. To search for specific details use the Find or Search functions at the top of the screen. In this example we will use the Cost Centre of York.
  • 13. You can sort the search results by clicking at the top of the different sections, e.g. click Cost centre to sort York to the top.
  • 14. Select all accounts you wish to add.
  • 15. Click Allocate Selected.
  • 16. The numbers have now been added in the relevant folder inside the Reporting Structure.
    Add as many folders and accounts to your structure using the step covered previously. E.g. Adding another Cost Centre.
  • 17. You can only allocate a number once within a reporting structure.
  • 18. When you have created your structure, click Save.
  • 19. Your new Reporting Structure has now been saved.