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  • 1. After logging in (read the How do I sign in? topic) and selecting Bill Analyser, you'll see the Account Management page.
  • 2. To view your overall Group account summary, click your Group name at the top of the hierarchy pane.
  • 3. A summary of your Group account details will be displayed.
  • 4. To view the summary of your Business accounts, click the drop down arrow on your Group name to expand your Group account.
  • 5. Click the Business account you want to view.
  • 6. A summary of your Account details will be displayed.
  • 7. To view the summary of any of your individual telephone numbers, click the drop down arrow in the hierarchy pane to expand your account(s).
  • 8. All of your individual telephone numbers will be displayed. Click an individual telephone number to view its specific details.
  • 9. A summary of the individual telephone number details will be displayed.