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  • As an administrator you can create other users or administrators in Bill analyser and My Account. A one time authorisation code (OTAC) will be used to verify new administrator users.
  • 1. You can choose the type of user you want to create. Go and click Sign In.
  • 2. Type your username and password and click Sign in.
  • 3. Click My Account.
  • 4. Click on the Manage user section on the top navigation bar .
  • 5. Click on Create new user in the drop down menu.
  • 6. Complete the boxes with the details we ask you for.
  • 7. Click on Choose the type of user, and select an administrator or end user.
    • An SMB administrator can: unlock devices, swap sims, view and manage service requests, update names and cost centres, view tariffs and Bolt Ons, view and manage bars, check renewal eligibility and contract dates, create and edit users
    • An SMB end user can: unlock devices, view tariffs and Bolt Ons, view contract dates and bars
    • An enterprise administrator can: view and manage service requests, sim swap, update names and cost centres, create and edit users, create service requests
    • An enterprise end user can: Create service requests and view all service requests
  • 8. You can give access to a mobile number by either searching for it or you can choose one from the bottom of the page and click Select.
    Note: You can assign one or more numbers to your user.
  • 9. Click Add selected.
  • 10. Your selected number will now appear in the Selected numbers section.
  • 11. Click Submit to create a new user.
  • 12. Your new user has now been created. To create another user click Create a new user or click Back to My Account to return to your home page